The MONISTAT® Patient Trial Program is a large hands-on experience trial that allowed physicians, nurse practicioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician's assistants to provide full-sized MONISTAT® products to patients at no charge.

Participating practices were provided with four boxes each of MONISTAT® 1-, 3-, and 7-day (miconazole) therapy, plus four boxes of MONISTAT® 1-Day tioconazole ointment. For each patient receiving MONISTAT®, women's healthcare providers completed a dispensing card detailing why they recommended the product that they selected. Patients were also asked to complete a feedback card with information on product performance and levels of satisfaction. Data of this nature has rarely been recorded, as satisfied patients may not always follow up with their healthcare professional.

317 patients provided feedback on their experience with MONISTAT®, here are the results:

97% said they would use MONISTAT® again

See the complete trial results for additional data on:

  • Top reasons why 3,086 women's healthcare professionals (WHCPs) dispensed MONISTAT® treatment products to 19,386 patients
  • Which MONISTAT® products WHCPs preferred for various patient types
  • Differences in recommendations between physicians and other WHCPs, including nurse practicitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants