Three of the largest national health plans,* plus leading regional plans, now recommend OTC miconazole (MONISTAT®) before Rx fluconazole. Help patients understand your OTC recommendation:

If your patient thinks an Rx pill will work faster, let her know...

  • OTC miconazole (MONISTAT®) relieves symptoms 4x faster—often within 4 hours. The Rx fluconazole pill may take 16 to 24 hours before symptom relief starts
  • Both treatments take the same amount of time to completely cure an infection: 7 days

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If your patient thinks an Rx pill will be more effective, let her know...

  • MONISTAT® treats 5 out of 5 of the most common types of yeast. Fluconazole treats only 3 out of the 516,18
  • MONISTAT® products are prescription-strength treatments

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If your patient is pregnant or trying to conceive, let her know...

  • Even a single 150 mg fluconazole pill may increase the risk of miscarriage significantly7
  • According to the CDC, pregnant women should use only a 7-day topical treatment, like MONISTAT® 7. They should not take fluconazole2
  • The FDA advises women who are pregnant or trying to conceive to discuss alternatives to fluconazole with their healthcare professionals8

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If your patient has diabetes, let her know…

  • Fluconazole does not treat a type of yeast common in women with diabetes (C. glabrata), but MONISTAT® does9,10,16
  • Fluconazole may increase the risk of serious hypoglycemic episodes in women taking common antidiabetes drugs (sulfonylureas)11-13

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Support your patients—and reinforce your OTC recommendation.
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*By number of members
Most over-the-counter products are not covered by health plans.
Based on a clinical study with MONISTAT® 1 Combination Pack Ovule® treatment vs fluconazole
§Based on a patient experience trial in which 5,968 healthcare professionals dispensed 19,386 MONISTAT® product samples. 317 patients provided feedback on the product